My Blog First Monthsary

My Blog First MonthsaryMy new domain blog is now one month old living in Cyber. Since I started blogging three years ago my blogging experience grow even more. My first ever blog when I started to blogging is all about computer technology, I used a blogging platform blogger to publish my article on the web. I decided to have this type of a blog to share some tips about computer related topics, about blogging, technology, gadgets, and SEO. I am very happy that I have my own domain in the internet. Actually this is my second domain in the cyberspace my first domain blog was also quite new I think it is already 6 month old as well. And I am very happy to see that I am not the only one who benefited in this blogsite but also other people who’s searching on the internet. Before year was 2008, the word blogging is really is not in my mind. Heck, I never heard of it before because at that time I was still a student. And I think you know what are duties and responsibilities of being a student are.  Before I’ve entered into the world of blogging I was just a simple student in school, wake up every morning, fix my things and go to school, troubleshooting a computer assigned by our teacher, after school work on assignments at many more. See busy like a bee.

My life as a student was too busy and aside from that I have also extra-curricular activities I have a part-time job as computer technician (you know to earn some extra money for my allowance). I started to blog when a good friend of mine Regie or you can call him by other names like Regiekun, Macho Palito, or Charles Carmichael introduced it to me (you know he has so many unique names as I do, believe it! ;D). And that was the start of my journey of being a blogger.

Right now, my aim is to maintain this blog, write more useful information as often as I could so that other people who stumble on my blog might use it. Right now, my interest is learning more about SEO. Learning more strategies and techniques and whatever I accumulated thru “data gathering” hahaha I apply it my on my blog. What I did is read…read…read and then test…test…test. Hehe! I just kept doing it, read other blogs about blogging and SEO tips. You never stop learning how to blog it’s continues learning, you always will learn something new. Remember, it takes time to be a good blogger and after a while you learn more and more.

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